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Who we are

Growing for Freedom's mission is to create, build, and manage businesses while utilizing the profits to assist in the ongoing fight to bring a stop to sexual violence, human trafficking, and slavery. We also support non-profits and charities that promote the healing and well-being of our planet.

Freedom Community

Growing for Freedom is creating a social media platform for freedom. The purpose of the Freedom Community is to bring communities together to help solve the sexual assault kit problem, end human trafficking and slavery, and other issues that affect each community. The platform will also be a fun happy place where members can share their thoughts and ideas.

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Bringing Communities Together

Growing for Freedom’s main project is our Sexual Assault Kit Petition & Fundraiser. Making a donation will help us begin
to build labs to analyze the kits. We want to make sure unexamined kits and future kits are promptly analyzed. It is a
slap in the face to those who have been sexually assaulted to have their kits sitting, gathering dust
while criminals run free in the streets.

Signing the petition helps to solve the problem of a backlog of sexual assault kits. If you would like to help us make sure that
all future kits are analyzed timely, please feel free to donate. We will begin building sexual assault analyzing labs,
ensuring that there will never be a backlog again.

Ways Growing for Freedom
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