Growing for Freedom's mission is to create, build, and manage businesses while utilizing the profits to assist in the ongoing fight to bring a stop to sexual violence, human trafficking, and slavery. We also support non-profits and charities that promote the healing and well-being of our planet.

Growing for Freedom would like to welcome you to join this mission! Our wish is to give the gift of freedom, love, and support to those who suffer around the United States as well as the world. If we work together, we can genuinely help many survivors of sexual violence!

Please check out our Future Projects that will help create a community that promotes togetherness, connectivity, a real sense of freedom, and various ways to Pay It Forward.

Overall, our desire to end the backlog of Sexual Assault Kits and also ensure that we are a part of the solution regarding kits being analyzed promptly by building Freedom Labs across the country. To participate in solving this problem, please sign the petition below.