Project Brief:

The alliance consists of 13 action groups. Each action group has different areas that affect community life. Every member of the Freedom Community can participate in as many of the Freedom Alliance action groups as they wish.

When members design projects at the grassroots community level in one of the action groups, they will be able to submit a proposal for funding to Growing for Freedom. Profits from the Freedom Shop are currently designated to fund Freedom Alliance projects, Freedom Labs, as well as other community projects.

The following is an example of how the Freedom Alliance will operate. When a group member desires to take a vacant lot and turn it into a community garden, they will gather a team of volunteers who want to be a part of the project. They research what equipment and supplies would be needed and then submit a proposal to Growing for Freedom for the required funding. Growing for Freedom will provide the capital required for supplies as well as food and travel expenses for the volunteers.

Additional Project Examples:

  • tree planting
  • creating a community center
  • opening a small organic cafe
  • picking up garbage in the community
  • creating an animal shelter
  • organizing a food drive
This Freedom Alliance was created to assist people who have ideas about how they can improve their communities.

Due to the lack of funding, these individuals are commonly unable to fulfill this desire to give back. Conventional methods such as bank loans or even grants are often not available. Growing for Freedom is working diligently to offer this opportunity to all Freedom Alliance members so that they can make their part of the world a better place.

The Freedom Alliance is scheduled to open as part of the Freedom Community in Spring 2020. Again, ALL Freedom Community members will be able to participate in Freedom Alliance projects.

Action Groups

Please take a look at the 13 action groups below and see which ones you would feel like participating in. Each of the 13 groups will be directed by a Celebrity Advisory Council.

  • Military outreach, helping current military personnel and veterans
  • Physical and emotional self defense training
  • Devotion and action to protect mother earth
  • Environmental education, conservation and action
  • Healing and protection for animals
  • Healing projects for the environment and the entire planet
  • Provides media support including text, audio and video for the Freedom Alliance groups
  • Provides technical and social networking and support to the Freedom Community
  • Provides nurturing and support of the home including social services
  • Examples include food drives, housing, supporting the elderly and supporting those with mental health, and other charitable social work
  • Artists, performers, and craftsmen bring art, theatre and music to the world
  • Create music and art in support of the other action groups’ projects
  • Provides healing services
  • Responsible for organizing and engaging areas of health and healing for the alliance as a whole, individual members of the alliance and for those of the community
  • Provides a strong and coherent voice to the outer community in presenting the Freedom Community and Freedom Alliance
  • Helps with hospice and grief counseling
  • Provides support for those making the transition to the next life
  • Provides counseling for friends and family of those left behind
  • Provides education and training in sacred sexuality and intimacy
  • Helping to raise the consciousness of the world
  • Further the philosophy and practice of freedom, preparedness, and kindness
  • Creating projects to help those in the correctional system
  • Social correspondence
  • Education
  • Personal resources
  • Human trafficking
  • Rape and sexual assault
  • Domestic violence
  • Creating healing retreats
  • Creating public awareness campaigns
  • Coordinates administrative relief efforts and aid
  • Distribution of supplies during both local and far-reaching disasters