Project Brief:

The Freedom Community is a social media platform that's purpose is to create an online place where communities can come together and render the compassionate service that is needed by survivors of sexual and domestic violence. The community will also address varying issues, including but not limited to PTSD, anxiety, stress, depression, and addictions.

When individuals join the Freedom Community, they will create their profile with many of the same functionalities as current social media websites; however, the Freedom Community will also continuously give back to the community. For example, the Freedom Alliance , Celebrities for Freedom , Freedom Class , Freedom Shop , and the Reprogramming the Mind Coalition are some of the ways that individuals can join other members from their communities to work to solve local problems. It is also a safe place for engaging similarly to how current social media platforms function. The Freedom Community is currently scheduled to open to the public in Spring 2020.

Again, we appreciate your participation in signing the Sexual Assault Kit Backlog Petition and providing a donation. Your donations will provide additional funding for the needed Freedom Laboratories. Please follow the link below to sign the petition.