Project Brief:

Vanuatu is a small island nation in the South Pacific with a population of about 300,000 people, made up of around 82 small islands. It is not far from New Zealand, Fiji, and Australia. Vanuatu will become one of Growing for Freedom’s main projects to provide jobs for all the people in the country.

In the beginning, the two main projects in Vanuatu will be the Hemp and Mushroom Projects. Our goal for the Hemp Project is to plant and farm 50,000 acres of hemp. We plan on planting industrial hemp around the villages so that the labor force can be drawn from the villages. We will also be building mushroom growing and manufacturing facilities around the villages and one central manufacturing plant for both the mushrooms and the hemp. Products will be manufactured from both mushrooms and hemp and shipped all over the world to members of the Freedom Community. In this way, we will have preorders for these products before we even start growing.

Other projects on the Vanuatu island will include creating in-person Freedom Clinics to augment the online Freedom Clinics. Additional businesses will also be established on the island to create jobs for the people and raise funds for charity. These will include the Artists Freedom Village and Hotel, Musician Retreat, along with a Freedom Travel Agency.


Industrial hemp can be made into over 100,000 products. It can take the place of most products made out of oil, wood or plastic. Growing hemp is environmentally sustainable as it helps heal the land, grows quickly, and doesn’t use as much water. Hemp plastics biodegrade in 6 months as opposed to thousands of years for plastics. It does not take pesticides to grow. All hemp and mushrooms will be organically grown.

We will be building 1,000-2,000 sq. ft. mushroom growing facilities near villages. We could have as many as 50 facilities around the country.
We will build a small quaint car-free village with wide cobblestone streets. The artist village will include shops for visiting artists to draw, paint, sculpt, woodwork, wood carve, glasswork, as well as other artistic creations.

The artist village will become a central tourist destination that we can invite our members from around the world to visit. We want to create it in such a way to help augment the Vanuatu culture as a tourist attraction to the island nation.

We will be creating a 4-star 250 room environmentally sustainable all natural and organic hotel. The purpose of the hotel is to take care of our members who visit Vanuatu and the Artist Village as well as provide jobs for the locals. All profits from the hotel go to charitable causes.
At the end of each week will be a small concert performed by musicians at the Artist Village amphitheater. The music will be recorded and made available on an mp3 format for purchase by our supporters with the profits going toward our mission. One-of-akind works of art and music will be commissioned and worked on at the retreat and village.

The object of the Musician Retreat will be to invite musicians and bands from all over the world to come to Vanuatu’s tropical paradise and perform at the weekly concert. The musicians will share in the revenue that’s generated from the mp3 sales.

Musicians will be able to stay at the retreat for up to one week. This will be the beginning of our worldwide music tour program where those musicians who have participated with us putting on concerts in Vanuatu will be able to schedule concerts around the world and preform for our Freedom Community members. Each musician and band participating in the Vanuatu project will be spotlighted to our Freedom Community members.
One of the goals of Growing for Freedom is to create online clinics where people from all over the world can get help on health issues. We would like to build physical Freedom Clinics in Vanuatu to offer quality health care for free. The Freedom Clinics will take advantage of integrated medical techniques.
Lack of education is a real problem in Vanuatu. Growing for Freedom would like to help establish universal free education (K-12) for the people of Vanuatu. We will be working closely with the Vanuatu government on this project.
We will build desalinization plants around Vanuatu to turn the ocean water into clean drinkable water.